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Pete Nance was born into a large family in Atlanta, Georgia. One of ten children, he grew up in abject poverty. The family, including his loving parents, lived in the housing projects. Pete’s father had a third grade education and even though he taught himself to read and write, the only job he could get was that of a parking lot attendant.

Growing up in a family of ten children, food was not often abundant. The children knew that they must race to the dinner table as fast as possible, or they would have nothing to eat. Because of the hardships his family suffered, Pete determined early in his life that he wanted more for himself. As a young man, whenever he made any money doing odd jobs, he saved it.

Growing up, there was no such thing as television for his family, so he read the dictionary for entertainment. Reading the dictionary helped
him gain knowledge and appreciate the power of words. Education was extremely important to him, as he recognized it as the key to success in life. Throughout his youth, it was not uncommon to find him reading. He loved to read, especially newspapers. He worked hard in school and was a good student. He never forgot the advice of his sixth grade teacher, You can be anything you want to be when you grow up.

It was Pete’s drive to study and work hard that propelled him into a career in business. For a time, he worked for large companies, but eventually, he and a longtime friend began their own very successful business, Financial Asset Management Systems, serving as CEO and employing over 500 workers.

In 2005, Pete and his wife Nancy sold their business in Atlanta and moved to Greensboro. Here, he enjoyed living on the lake, boating and spending time with his family and friends. The Nance’s joined the Greensboro First United Methodist Church and became involved in their community.

In addition to a full life here in Greene County, the Nance’s loved to travel and journeyed to many exciting locations around the world. Pete’s most favorite place, however, is not far from where they lived. Fascinated by nature, he loved to walk the trails at their family pine tree farm in Tignall, Georgia.

Giving to others and his community were very important to Pete. The Pete Nance family committed to a $1 million endowment for the Green County Boys & Girls Club at a Naming Ceremony staged at the club site. At that time, the Greene County Boys & Girls Club became the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club.This is why we salute him. If Pete Nance were here today, he would encourage young club members to work hard in school and to learn everything they can. He would tell them, as he was long ago told by a teacher, you can be whatever you desire to be in life. Never give up!

Although Pete suffered extreme poverty in his youth and persevered through health problems as an adult, nothing ever stopped him from helping others and looking for new opportunities in life. His daughter, Sharon Nance White, shares this memory of him, "Dad was a beloved father, husband and grandfather. He was well known in the family for his "Grandpa-isms.” These were things that he liked to share with his grandchildren, who today can recite each and every one.”

"Pete Nance Grandpa-isms”
Family First!
No one can make you do what you do not want to do.
What is the most powerful word in the English language? NO!
Always be a leader and not a follower.
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